Services Overview

Delivering Excellence and Precision in Financial Consulting is our promise to our customers. One we resolutely fulfill one job at a time as we provide a wide variety of business services.

For both businesses and individuals, everything from tax preparation to bookkeeping, payroll processing, budgeting, forecasting, audits, etc. We have a solution that works for you.

Who We Work With

Let’s be honest, even though they are critical, bookkeeping, budgeting, payroll, taxes, etc. are not the most exciting areas and can be intimidating for some.

Our customers are businesses or individuals who don’t have the time, desire, or know-how to effectively manage their financial tasks. For them, we provide easy and affordable solutions.

Financial Services

Budgeting and financial forecasting, cash flow monitoring, payroll services, etc. we do it all.

Easy and Affordable Business Solutions

Bookkeeping is not necessarily an esoteric field, but it does have a lot of regulations that are constantly evolving and dictate how processes should be executed. Failing to heed these directives can have consequences ranging from mistakes that cost you money, to fines and penalties imposed by local, state, and federal governments.

60 percent of small-business owners feel they are not very knowledgeable about accounting and finance.
(Small Business Report – Accounting)

The good news is you don’t need to spend your time studying the latest regulations. You also don’t need to incur the cost of a full-time staff member. Our team of professionals can effectively run your books for you.

The Importance of Proper Tax Preparation

It’s safe to say that almost no one is excited about taxes. But the fact that the Tax Preparation Services industry is a $10.2 billion dollar industry, indicates the importance of this process. For an individual or a small business, it can be extremely challenging to be aware of and correctly apply all of the details of tax regulations.

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Tax Preparation Services industry is $10.2bn in 2021.

The result is that errors in tax declarations are very common. Most of the time these errors result in overpayment due to incorrectly calculating deductions and credits or failing to correctly declare exemptions. However, serious errors can result in fines and penalties.

Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation, planning, advisory, tax strategies with federal, state, and local tax compliance.

Bookkeeping Services

We’ll track your income and expenses and properly register each transaction to ensure your books are in order.

Know Where Your Cash is Coming From and Where It’s Going

Cashflow is the lifeblood of a business. 82% of small businesses fail due to a lack of or poor cash flow management. The importance of this can’t be underestimated and it simply can’t be done without properly tracking income and expenses. This is where solid bookkeeping can provide the foundation to make critical cash flow management decisions.

A resounding 82 percent of all businesses failing due to poor or negative cash flow management…

14% of businesses outsource their bookkeeping. This is not uncommon and comes with many benefits. Among them, allowing you to focus on your core business activities, while still being able to access the information you need around your cash and where it’s going.

Powerful Solutions and Flexible Engagements Tailored to Your Needs.

Bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ needs and designed to deliver uncommon results.

Internal Controls Analysis

Whether for quality assurance or compliance, audits can be unpleasant events. Our team is both expedient and thorough.

Assurance and Peace of Mind

According to Accounting Web, human error is the leading cause of accounting mistakes. Particularly in small businesses, employees managing the internal control processes aren’t properly trained. This creates data entry errors, excel formula errors, overwriting system calculated values, etc.

27.5 percent to be exact—reported that incorrect data had been manually input into an enterprise system at their firms.
(Accounting Web)

Nobody’s perfect, and mistakes happen. Internal controls analysis can help verify and confirm the accuracy of your books and the suitability of the personnel executing those functions. Examinations can be uncomfortable, we handle them expediently and discretely to get the answers you need.

Planning The Path To Success

Statistics show that having a well-formulated business plan impacts the success of your business in several key areas including its ability to secure financing, make strategic decisions, select investments, etc.

Bottom line: completing a business plan correlated with increased success in every one of the business objectives that came up in the study (which were: getting a loan, making a major purchase, getting investment, recruiting a new team member, thinking more strategically, and growing the company).
(Palo Alto Software)

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 45% of businesses fail in the first five years. Don’t leave your success to chance, let us help create a business plan that puts you on the path to success.

Business Plan Preparation

Looking for investors or starting your own venture? Success or failure could hinge on a well-crafted business plan.

Financial Advisory

If you’d like to do the work, but need a little guidance, our team’s of experience are at your disposal.

Experienced Guidance at Your Disposal

According to Small Business Report, many small businesses outsource one or more accounting functions. For example, 71% outsource Tax Preparation,  50% outsource payroll, 48% outsource audits, 30% outsource Tax Planning, etc. This isn’t surprising as accounting is a large field that requires both technical and regulatory knowledge.

Our report shows that more than 60% of accountants surveyed offer strategic advisory services, 26% offer outsourced/virtual CFO services, and nearly 25% offer cash flow analysis.

For this reason, financial advisory services are becoming more prevalent. Sometimes asking a professional about a unique or difficult financial scenario can save considerable time and money.